Betrayed by those she believed she could trust, Max, the widow of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club leader has her life shattered, when gang conflict and violence  erupts around her and her family.

The outlaw biker world is held together by trust, honour, loyalty and unity, but when these rules are broken- the innocent become victims and that’s  when you know that you are IN BAD COMPANY

When men everywhere – whether they be outlaw bikers, religious or world leaders – do not acknowledge the difference between fantasy and reality and can’t recognise that when they confuse the two.

The very people who suffer the most are the ones that they them selves claim to love the best.

Rana, a young naïve woman, becomes a hero after being seduced online by a militant fighter, she travels to Syria to marry him and saves a group of female hostages from ISIS.

Rana 18, was born in New Zealand to Iraqi Sunni Muslim parents.  She grew up in a part of the country where there were very few migrants and even fewer Muslims. She is desperately lonely and culturally alienated.

Rana’s relationship with her father Abdul 60, is estranged because of the purple birthmark covering one side of her face, be believes she is cursed. He refers to it as “The Mark” He berates her for not being as attractive as her older sister, telling her no man will want to marry her.
Rana’s mother Samar 55 whom she has the strongest bond is with, is protective of her youngest daughter and sympathetic of her affliction.
Anna 17- is Rana’s best friend, the girls have been inseparable since kindergarten.
Jasmina 23 is Rana’s older Sister and their fathers favourite.
Dalil 20- Her new friend puts her in touch with a growing online Muslim community.
Faaz 23- An ISIS fighter seduces Rana online, he convinces her that he is In love with her and that she and her friend Anna should come to Syria to get married.

C.I.T.Y.(c) 2016

Community Improvement Through Youth

This is a (6 x 1 hour) reality TV series about a group of young(17-19 yrs) male gang members who are put together to work as volunteers helping communities in need a world away from their own.
Participants are selected on application to participate in an intervention program as an alternative to being locked up.

These young men will come from various cultural and religious backgrounds.
We will follow them in their every day life, in their homes and communities, through their training and preparation, their deployment, and on their arrival in the host community, and for the next 4 weeks of their stay as volunteers working with underprivileged communities.
We will watch their evolution as they all make a personal journey in service and discovery.