MAX is the widow of JOE, founder and now-deceased president of the Abigor Riders Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

She and her kid’s BOY and ERIN share their home with her brother WORM, a bike builder and member of the Abigor Riders MC.

Max has a longtime friendship with Boys Godfather BODEE, another club member.

When Worm and HEMI become partners in a bike building business, he moves into the farm, and in time a relationship develops between him and Max. 

Bodee reassures her that Hemi, also a member is genuine. 

The friendship between Boy and Hemi fractures when he discovers their union; he rebels thinking that his mother no longer loves his dad.

Her opinionated mother-in-law CARMEN disapproves of everything Max does, including her marriage to her late son Joe, whom she disowned because of his biker lifestyle. Her inability to control Max is the underlying motivation for her attitude.

HOLLY, the girlfriend of HUSS, a club nominee, comes to Max for a “Property of Huss” tattoo. 

Max tells her that she will never tattoo a woman on the property of any man. She offers Holly a job instead.

Max discovers that Joe’s best friend SETH, the current club president of the Abigor Riders, has been deceiving her about the ownership of the Tattoo Palace for years. Max storms the clubhouse and challenges him in front of his club members. Bodee is furious and beats Seth.

This and other incidences cause a dramatic inter-club split.  

Most of the members go with Bodee and form the HIGHWAY ROGUES. 

Due to circumstance Hemi, Worm and Bodee fall on divided sides. 

When Seth declares a war Max and her family are drawn into a world of violence and brutality between the two rival gangs.

Seth is unrelenting in his aggression, inciting drive byes on homes and assaults. 

Convincing Huss that she is cavorting with WEED from the Highway Rogues, Holly is beaten into a coma by the club gutter girls. 

Max collects Holly’s belongings from Huss’s house and has a confrontation with a Middle Eastern man. 

On entering the hospital parking lot, a photo with writing on the back falls out of one of the bags. Max realises Holly is Joe’s eldest daughter. When she leaves the hospital, Holly moves to the farm. Max tells Carmen and Ben that they are her grandparents.

Seth sets Huss up to kill Bodee in an ambush, and he kills him in return. Max and her family are devastated.

At a biker drag meet Seth, fires the first fatal shot killing a Highway Rogue. When they respond, It erupts into a bloody massacre.

Max sees Seth kill JOSH and then aim his weapon at her son. 

Without hesitation, she takes Angry’s gun; knowing that she has to be the one to do it, Max kills Seth. After that, Max,  Hemi, Boy and Worm swear to a code of silence.

Being the last club members, Hemi and Worm disband the Abigor Riders MC. Max sells the farm and the Tattoo Palace and moves her family out of town.